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M3i Zero

M3i Zero For Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi

M3i Zero is an amazing flashcard. It enable players to download homemade games, watch movies and listen music from a PC to a DSi. Same as R4 DS, M3i Zero is the first generation of flashcard for Nintendo console. It is famous for the Multi-media function. M3i Zero is also the first flashcard to break DSi V1.4.1. it perfectly support Nintendo V1.4.1 firmware.

M3i Zero featured in MP3 Player on the market, it is also playing the opensource/license free games, movies instead of playing music only. eg. Support playing over thousands of homebrew games. The coolest feature of a M3i Zero is that you not only enjoy games from it, but also directly run homebrew software – that includes emulators, PDA, browser etc...