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EZFlash Vi / EZVi from ezflash.cn for DSi and Dsi XL

EZFlash is also called EZVi card. It owned by www.ezflash.cn. EZFlash card is the fifth generation flashcard which fits Nintendo DSi / DSi perfectly. Other flashcard, such as R4 DS, R4i SDHC, R4i gold, Acekard 2i, have problems with the European NDSi, as well as problems with some of the latest games. However, the f Ezflash card is the perfect solution of these problems.

EZflash card support real time save on all Nintendo consoles. It with fewer problems than either of the aforementioned cards as well as flawless play on more newer games, it was the natural choice. EZVi is also completely backwards compatible with the DS Lite and original DS, without having to change any software!