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R4iTT flashcard is a new flashcard owned by www.r4itt.net. It was designed for Nintendo 3DS, DS, DS lite, DSi, DSiLL and DSi XL. R4iTT card is the upgrade version of DSTT and R4 DS card, it contains the functions of both R4 DS and TTDS. However, more Games/Movie/3D Experience with R4iTT DS Slot-1 solution ! Same as R4i SDHC and R4i gold card, R4iTT upgrade card also support 3DS V6.1.0 and DSi V1.4.5. R4iTT team is working hard all the time to improve the software and hardware. At the beginning of 2011, more than 5000 games were added to R4iTT kernel, which make the R4iTT card more powerful and more enjoyable.