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R4i Gold kernel update to Wood R4 V1.40

Posted on 22nd Nov 2011 @ 7:31 AM

R4ids.cn released new R4i Gold firmware on November 21th, it is the Wood R4 V1.40. Both the R4i Gold card old version (such as V1.4.1 and V1.4) and R4i Gold 3DS card can use this firmware. If you are a R4i Gold flashcard user, you can install the firmware to run R4i Gold 3DS card in Nintendo 3DS V2.2.0 console. Most of the flashcard card can work on 3DS V2.2.0, but in case of not work, users can download another upgrade patch for installation.

Wood R4 is a powerful software. It offers good compatibility and update very fast. There are other flashcards which also use this software: the original R4 DS card and the R4idsn 3DS card. But they are not compatible, as the files in side the patch are not same. Please pay attention to the kernel version before download it.

Wood R4 V1.40 update content

kinetic scrolling.
-'beyblade - metal masters (usa)' fixed
-'phineas and ferb - 2 disney games (europe)' fixed
-'fossil fighters champions (usa)' fixed

How to install Wood R4 V1.40 to R4i Gold card?

1. Download the latest Wood R4 V1.40 patch to computer.
2. Unzip the patch, you can get 3 files: "_rpg", "_DS_MENU" and "WOODR4.NDS".
3. Copy all the files to the root directory of the TF card, they will cover old files automatically.
    Then the wood r4 firmware in the TF card is already V1.40 version.