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M3i Zero SP7 firmware update for 3DS V3.0.0

Posted on 20th Dec 2011 @ 4:28 AM

M3i Zero SP7 V3.0.5 firmware released on Dec 10th, 2011

M3i Zero SP7 V3.0.5 firmware released on Dec 10th. It mainly solve the compatibility between M3i Zero card and Nintendo 3DS V3.0.0 system. Some bugs are fixed in the new system. By loading the latest Sp7 firmware, M3i Zero Sakura flashcard work on Nintendo 3DS V3.0.0-5 E/U/J console perfectly.

M3i Zero SP7 V3.0.5 update content

1. Support Nintendo 3DS V3.0.0-5J, V3.0.0-5U, V3.0.0-5E. Support M3i Zero Sakura system for Multi-media functions and NDS games.
2. Support NDSi/NDSi LL V1.4.2J, NDSi/NDSi XL Ver 1.4.2U and Ver 1.4.2E
3. Support M3i Zero new model of GMP-Z003, the old version is unavailable


* If the M3i Zero GMP-Z003 is not compatible with MicroSD card, please use compatible MicroSD card to download M3i Zero GMP-Z003 update patch “SH1 V1.42.00”, and run it on DS/NDSi/3DS conosle.for update.
*M3i Zero GMP-Z003 which updated with “SH1 V1.42.00” before, need to update with M3i Zero SP7 again.
* To use V2.0.2 kernel update files, users must upgrade system to M75 v4.9 X or upper version (for M3DS Real/M3i Zero), M3SAKURA users must upgraded the system to M33 V1.50. Orelse, the Soft key-back and saving in-time function is useless. Recommend updated to the latest version.
* This M3i Zero SP7 update is in order to fit Japanese, American and European 3DS console.

M3i Zero Sp7 update specification

No kernel installed for all M3i Zero cards before output. No NDS console can recognize the M3i Zero card without the kernel installation, it will reminds:”no card”. So for new M3i Zero card, please do correct kernel installation. While new M3i Zero kernel released,if there is no problem of compatibility, it is not necessary to update the kernel.

M3i Zero Sp7 update method

1.Download latest M3i Zero patch to computer, and copy the “ F_CORE.dat” file to the root directory of TF card.
2.Insert the MicroSD card to M3i Zero card.
3.Connect the Power Supply cable to M3i Zero card, then connect the other side of the calbe to USB power socket.
* Please keep the sequence, if out of order, it may damage the M3i Zero inner core.
4 If operate correctly(Both USB amd M3i Zero connection are ok, power supplied and M3i Zero recognized the kernel file),Kernel update start. The LED in M3i Zero will blink for about 35 Seconds. While blinking stop, update finished.
5 Take out the power cable from USB socket, and disconnect the M3i zero with power cable.
6 Insert the M3i Zero card to Nintendo console, then your can start to run it.

Solution for M3i Zero failled loading

1. LED keep on blinking

Reason: Can’t find the update files.
* Check the kernel file is unzipped or not.
* Whether format the MicroSD card to compatible form. (FAT/FAT32)
* Whether MicroSD card is insert to M3i Zero correctly. Clean the connection part if dirty.

2. LED don’t blink

Reason: No power
* Check the USB socket is powerless or not.
* Check the connection of M3i Zero and power cable is correct or not.

3. LED blink only once

Reason 1: kernel file inspection error.
* The M3i Zero update file may be damaged, re-download if necessary.
Reason 2: M3i Zero hardware broken, unable to upgrade.
* Contact reseller for repair or change.

4. After update, M3i Zero can be recognized by NDS, but can’t enter the system.

Reason 1: New version of M3i Zero kernel can’t support the Nintendo console.
* Refer to Nintendo console, download latest version of M3i Zero kernel for installation.
Reason 2: M3i Zero Kernel not installed, or load incompletely, or can’t find the file.
* Confirm the correct installation of M3i Zero system files, and compatible with the kernel version.
* Confirm the MicroSD card is ok. If necessary format it and copy files again.

5. After update, M3i Zero card can’t be recognized by NDS console

Reason 1: M3i Zero kernel is not installed correctly.
* re-install the Kernel, don’t pause while updating.
Reason 2: The connection of M3i Zero and NDS console is no good.
* Take out the flashcard, and re-insert again. Try to clean the Kingfinger part of M3i Zero if necessary.
Reason 3: M3i Zero is broken
* Contact the reseller for change or repair.