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Acekard 2i new package released

Posted on 9th Apr 2012 @ 10:43 AM

Acekard team released Acekard 2i new package on April 5th. It is same size as old package, but different in style and printing. New Acekard 2i package has main 3 colors: whilte, blue and gold. With a yellow Chinese dragon, the new Acekard 2i package seems more beautifull and fantastic. From April 6th, players can buy Acekard 2i new package in the market, but old package is also available at same time.

As we know, Acekard 2i is a most famous flashcard before. It is the latest development in flash cartridge technology made specifically for the Nintendo DSi.. The card is also fully backwards compatible and works on the Nintendo DS and 3DS. If you currently have a Nintendo DS / DS Lite, it may be worth getting the Acekard 2i card rather than the Ak2 so that you don't have to replace it at a later date if you update to a Nintendo DSi. The Ak2i is an adapter so you can use a microSDHC card (up to 32GB) to play NDS games and multi-media files.

Untill now, Acekard 2i has 3 kinds of packages. The old packge, Christmas package and new package. All of them are same in size. Original Acekard 2i package only has a Acekard 2i flashcard, it has not USB reader/writer. But as the USB reader is really usefull for users, r4town.com will add an extra USB adapter into the package.

   ackeard-2i-new-package-1.jpg    acekard-2i-new-package-2.jpg

                                     Acekard 2i New Package


                                    Acekard 2i Christmas Package


                                          Acekard 2i old package 


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