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R4 card for 3DS V4.0.0-7

Posted on 2nd May 2012 @ 2:06 PM

3DS V4.0.0-7 firmware update

Nintendo upgrade 3DS system to V4.0.0-7 version on April 25th. Users just power on the 3DS console, choose: "System settings - Other settings - System update - Start", then it is easy to upgrade the 3DS to V4.0.0-7 system. But after upgrade, some r4 cards are locked by the latest 3DS V4.0.0 system. So please check the official website of your r4 card before do upgrade. This may cause your r4 card not work.

R4 card work on 3DS V4.0.0-7 system

Some r4 card break 3DS V4.0.0 successfully. No need any upgrade, just download the latest r4 kernel for installation. Below r4 cards support 3DS V4.0.0-7 E/U/J version:
1. R4i Gold 3DS card made by r4ids.cn
If your r4i Gold 3DS card is with below icon, it directly support 3DS V4.0.0-7 system, by loading the latest Wood R4i V1.47 kernel.
If the r4i gold 3ds card is other icon, it is the old version. You need to upgrade the r4 card in a DS or DSi console firstly.

2. R4i SDHC 3DS card made by r4i-sdhc.com
By install the latest R4i-3DS V1.56b kernel, the r4i sdhc 3ds card with below icon can directly work on 3DS V4.0.0 system.
If your r4i sdhc 3ds card is in other icons, it is the old version, you can upgrade it in a DS or DSi console firstly.

3. Acekard 2i card made by acekard.com

4. R4i Gold Plus card made by r4ids.com (use latest r4i gold plus V1.7 kernel).

5. R4i-Gold 3DS card of r4i-gold.com (r4i V1.72b kernel).

6. R4i RTS and R4i Dual core card of r4isdhc.com.

7. Supercard DSTwo made by supercard.sc.
The supercard can work on 3DS V4.0.0 system, by install the latest DSTWO EOS V1.11 system. But you also need to download a update patch, and upgrade the DSTwo card in a DS or DSi console.

8. R4iTT 3DS and R4iTT Purple card from r4itt.net

Both R4iTT 3DS card (with R4iTT-RTS V2.27 kernel) and R4iTT Purple (with R4iTT V2.32 kernel) and work on 3DS V4.0.0-7 E/U/J console, no need any upgrade.

9. TT 3DS card from n3dstt.net (with wood r4 V1.38.1 kernel).

R4 cards locked by 3DS V4.0.0-7 system

Some old flashcard are locked by new 3DS V4.0.0 system. While insert the r4 card into the 3DS console, it will shows:"System error, please reset your console". As our testing, below r4 cards can't work on 3DS V4.0.0 system:
* R4ultra and r4iultra card made by r4ultra.com.
* M3i zero card made by m3adapter.com.
* DSTT and DSTTi card made by ndstt.com.
* R4idsn 3DS card made by r4idsn.com.
* Pandora 3DS card of Pandora-3ds.com.
* Hyper R4i card from hyper4i.com.

Other flashcard work on 3DS V4.0.0-7?

There are too many kinds of r4 cards in the market. We can't test all of them. User can check the official website printed on the label to get more information. If there is no news on official website, it is better not to upgrade the 3DS system. But if the 3DS is already V4.0.0-7 system, you need to buy a new r4 card. We strongly recommend the R4i Gold 3DS or the R4i SDHC 3DS card.