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How to put Music to R4 Card

Posted on 12th Jul 2012 @ 2:01 PM

Some players may have plenty of favourite songs, and want to play them on Nintendo console (DS, dsi or 3ds), just like a MP3 or MP4 player. The R4 card can support it. One of the best things about the R4 card is the ability to upload your own music onto the Nintendo 3DS and to listen and store your music externally. However, it can be a little difficult to get your head round if you a a green hand. So in this article we will introduce how to upload music onto R4 card step by step..

The first step to putting music into your R4 card is to open the R4 card on your computer. This can be done easily, by using a USB Card reader or micro-SD card reader to connect your SD memory card to your computer. When you have done this the little R4 icon should pop up on your desktop or in the drives section of your “my computer” folder. You should then be able to click on the folder and once you have done this, will be able to create new folders. By right clicking in a space within the R4 drive or by opening it and clicking file, create a new folder called “Music” - this is where the music will go.


The next step is to have the music to put on your R4 card. This may have been downloaded from the internet, taken from CD’s or downloaded from the likes of iTunes and other music stores - but crucially it must be in .mp3 format. Online stores such as iTunes, Amazon and HMV where you can download music will almost exclusively sell the songs in .mp3 format and likewise the vast majority of music available for download online will also be in this format. Once you have a particular song or group of songs, you can either copy and paste the songs using highlight and right-click or alternatively you can simply drag and drop the files into the folder that you have created within your R4 card drive.

You can then remove the R4 card from your computer, but make sure you do so safely by right clicking on the drive and clicking “eject” rather than just pulling it out. This will ensure that all the files stay on the card and you don’t need to worry about broken data. Once you have your R4 card with all your music uploaded, plug it into your Nintendo DS where it should then load up on your screen. Then go to the “Multimedia” section of the R4 where you should be able to see the “Music” folder that you had created earlier, and once clicked will be able to view all the songs that you have just put into it. Simply choose the song you want to listen to, plug your headphones and you’re ready to dance the night away!

There are many kinds of r4 cards in the market, such as r4i gold, r4i sdhc, acekard 2i and so on. But the process of Music loading are almost same. Just download the correct music form, and put the files into the MicroSD card, then the music can be played. If you know how to put some games into the R4 card, you will also know how to put music into it, as they are very similar process.