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Apology Letter from M3 team

Posted on 19th Sep 2012 @ 4:35 AM

M3 Team (GBAlpha) released an apology letter to users, appologizing the no-update firmware of M3DS and M3i Zero card since September. As lack of firmware update, the M3i zero and M3DS card are not compatible with latest Nintendo 3DS and DSi system.

Text Translation:

To purchase the film card M3DS Real and M3i Zero letter of apology to consumers

To the consumer:

Given the vast number of consumers in this consistent support and love GBalpha express our most sincere thanks!

On September 21, 2010 release for the M3DS Real and M3i Zero system update file, run the game due to the development sector, the core engine source code is not affected by loss of anti-factor, released a new version of the game when the compatibility of the past and some special function applications, such as soft reset mode intelligent judgments, real-time optimization of the archive compatibility impact, leading to the compatibility of the game has yet to be updated again. In the majority of consumers to express our most sincere apologies.

Currently, the development department is to mobilize all the developers and testers, according to historical data records lost the game engine code and other related procedures to complement component code and comprehensive testing to return to the previous version of the compatibility and new games improve the compatibility is expected to be completed and provide updates in the near future, while increasing full-year 2010, the new NDS game code base. GBalpha plan in February 2011 providing two to three times before the Jiangzai software updates (one or two times before New Year's Day and New Year's time), years after Nintendo's new console, according to the listing for 3DS addition of the corresponding mapping function.

Are hereby acknowledged. To the general consumers to use during the inconvenience, to say sorry again and hope to get your understanding and support.

GBalpha (China) Co., Ltd.
November 29, 2010