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Wood R4i V1.54 update for R4i Gold 3DS card

Posted on 1st Nov 2012 @ 4:02 PM

Wood R4i V1.54 released for r4i gold 3ds card

Wood R4 V1.54 kernel is released by famous r4ids.cn on November 1st. It is the latest software for R4i Gold card. The main task of the new kernel is to fix the compatibility between r4i gold 3ds card and Pokeon 2. As we know, Pokemon 2 is a new but popular games, it is widely loved by players. But most flashcard can't support it. Now, by loading the new Wood r4i V1.54 kernel, the r4i gold 3ds card successfully run it on Nintendo console. If you want to play Pokemon 2, please download the kernel for your R4i Gold card (for Both R4i Gold 3DS and R4i gold Non-3DS cards)......  R4i Gold Kernel Downloadr4i-gold-3ds-packages.jpg

Wood R4i V1.54 Change Log

- fatfs updated to 0.09a.
Support console: Nintnedo 3DS V4.4.0 and DSi V1.4.4.
- 'pokemon - version blanche 2 (France)' fixed.
- 'pokemon - version noire 2 (France)' fixed.
- 'pokemon - schwarze edition 2 (Germany)' fixed.
- 'pokemon - versione bianca 2 (Italy)' fixed.
- 'pokemon - edicion negra 2 (Spain)' fixed.
- 'pokemon - edicion blanca 2 (Spain)' fixed.
- 'pokemon - versione nera 2 (Italy)' fixed.
- 'pokemon - weisse edition 2 (Germany)' fixed.

How to update R4i Gold Kernel into Wood r4i V1.54?

1. The latest Wood R4i V1.54 patch can be download from our download page or official website r4ids.cn. Do it easily and freely.
2. Unzip the patch, you can get 3 files: "_rpg", "_DS_MENU" and "WOODR4.NDS". (It is 2 files now).
3. Copy all the 2 files to the root directory of the MicroSD card. (old files will be covered automatically)
4. Also, Download some games, and put them to the root directory of the MicroSd card. (don't build any subdirectory, orelse the games can't run).
    Then the r4i gold card can play games with the wood r4 V1.54 kernel.