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Latest DSTT kernel updated to YSMenu V6.54 for DSTT and DSTTi card

Posted on 15th Mar 2011 @ 1:58 AM

DSTT kernel updated to TTmenu V6.54

Latest unofficial DSTT kernel -  YSmenu V6.54 is released on March 14th,2011. It can be used in DSTT and DSTTi card. Since official DSTT kernel from ndstt.net paused at DSTT V1.18, the YSMenu kernel will be user's first choice. Thanks to Retro. With his hard work, users can enjoy more games and more entertainment on DSTT card and DSTTi card.         

  DSTT kernel YSMenu V6.54 download

DSTT Kernel V6.54 update content

DSTT V6.54 kernel modified the extinfo and infolib,  it fixed below game ROMs:
Games Around the World (U)
ATARI Greatest Hits Volume 2 (U)
Hot Wheels Track Attack (E)
Okamiden (U)
Pokemon Victini Liberty Ticket Distribution Card (E)


4798 - Alice in Wonderland (E)(RFTD) CRC DA04EEA3
4799 - Sonic Classic Collection (E)(RFTD) CRC F1FA5159
4837 - SpongeBob's Boating Bash (E)(RFTD) CRC 1721CADB
5016 - Shrek Forever After (E)(RFTD) CRC AFA58728
5017 - Toy Story 3 (E)(RFTD) CRC 36C869D4
5214 - Grease The Official Video Game (E)(RFTD) CRC A7BA8A8E
5225 - Imagine Dream Resort (E)(RFTD) CRC 991806A4 (not working yet)
5228 - The Last Airbender (E)(RFTD) CRC 2D5D467B
5291 - The Sims 3 (E)(RFTD) CRC 73CB88D4
5312 - Zhu Zhu Pets 2 Featuring The Wild Bunch (E)(RFTD) CRC 85EC2E5B
5316 - New Carnival Games (E)(RFTD) CRC FDB0959C
5337 - New Carnival Games (U)(RFTD) CRC 50A122A1
5338 - The Penguins of Madagascar (E)(RFTD) CRC 99266881
5339 - iCarly 2 iJoin The Click (E)(RFTD) CRC 0CC3D8C3
5364 - Tron (E)(RFTD) CRC F44F637C
5394 - Camp Rock The Final Jam (E)(RFTD) CRC E86A1B97
5395 - Imagine Fashion Paradise (E)(RFTD) CRC 08905B1F
5396 - Phineas and Ferb Ride Again (E)(RFTD) CRC 43874F82
5408 - TouchMaster 4 Connect (E)(RFTD) CRC 64EE7F6D
5547 - Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Mini-Land Mayhem! (E)(RFTD) CRC 2A7B3F7F

Unofficial DSTT kernel - YSMenu kernel update log:

      DSTT Kernel V6.57 released on April 20th, 2011.
      DSTT Kernel V6.55 released on March 19th, 2011.
      DSTT kernel V6.54 updated on March 14th, 2011. 
      YSmenu kernel V6.51 updated on Feb 26th, 2011.
      Ysmenu Kernel V6.50 updated on Feb 23th, 2011. 
      YSMenu Kernel V6.49 released on Sep 13th, 2011.
      YSMenu Kernel V6.48 released on Mar 2nd, 2011.
      YSMenu Kernel V6.47 released on Jan 25th, 2011.
      YSMenu Kernel V6.46 released on Jan 19th, 2011.
      YSMenu Kernel V6.45 released on Jan 13th, 2011.