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Nintendo 3DS V4.5.0 update

Posted on 5th Dec 2012 @ 3:45 PM

3DS system update to V4.5.0

Nintendo upgrade 3DS system to V4.5.0 on Dec 5th. Below is the latest news from Nintendo official website:

To provide better product and service, we are doing our feaver to improve the function of product and service. The most important way is to update the 3DS system by Nintendo 3DS WiFi.

Users can check the version of his 3DS system in “system setting of 3DS home interface. If you want to update 3DS system to latest version, just connect the 3DS to network through WiFi, and enter system settingsother settings - system update. If the system is upper V2.0.0-2J, it can be updated automatically through WiFi.



Currently, the latest 3DS system is V4.5.0-10J version.

3DS V4.5.0-10J update content:

Improve the stability and convenience of 3DS system.

3DS V4.5.0 lock flashcard

As the latest system, 3DS V4.5.0 locked most flashcard, such as R4i SDHC 3DS, M3i Zero, R4i-Gold 3DS, Supercard, Acekard 2iR4i RTS, TT 3DS, R4i Gold PlusR4iTT and r4itt 3ds, r4isdhc dual core. . Only the R4i Gold 3DS card from r4ids.cn can still work on it. So if you are using r4 cards, please don't upgade the system to 3DS V4.5.0 untill they release the update patch. If you already updated the 3DS system, please buy the r4i gold 3ds card instead.