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Which is best r4i gold card – R4i Gold cards overview

Posted on 11th Mar 2013 @ 3:54 AM

There are so many kinds of r4i gold cards in the market. It is hard to say which is bad and which is good. Some R4i Gold flashcards are very similar with others in package, they may be considered as fake flashcard.. For some news users, they even can’t find the official website, and don’t know which is the correct r4i gold kernel for installation. To avoid this, we just make a overview of all r4i gold cards in the market currently, hope it will help you.  Buy R4i Gold card in r4town.com.

R4i Gold card from r4ids.cn

When we say “r4i gold card”, mostly it mean the R4i Gold 3DS card made by r4ids.cn. It is a most popular flashcard in the world. Thousands of players know it as the “r4i gold card”. Actually, R4ids.cn has 3 kinds of R4 card in gold package: the R4i Gold dsi card, R4i Gold 3DS card and R4i Gold 3DS RTS card. R4i Gold Dsi card was out of production for a long time, it can only work on Dsi and DS; R4i Gold 3DS card has good compatibility, it support Nintendo 3DS, Dsi and DS all version, which is considered to be the best r4 card in the market; The R4i Gold RTS card is newly released, it has all function of r4i gold 3ds card, but also support RTS function. All R4 card from r4ids.cn use Wood R4i Kernel. The latest kernel version is Wood R4i V1.56b. R4ids.cn always update the hardware and software of it’s R4i Gold card, which make it to be more powerfull and support latest Nintendo consoles.        Recommend rate:


R4i-Gold 3DS card

Both R4i-gold.com and R4i-gold.eu released it’s own R4i-Gold 3DS card, they are very similar in the package. It is hard to say which is genuine and which is fake. But both of them can support Nintendo 3DS V4.5.0 and Dsi V1.4.5 system. Users can choose any of them for game play. The only difference between them is the software. R4i-Gold 3DS card from r4i-gold.com use R4i-Gold kernel, the latest version is R4i-Gold V1.77b; r4i-gold.eu use latest R4i-Gold V1.65b kernel for its r4i-gold card. We are glad to see the software is updateing.      Recommend rate:


R4i Gold Plus card

R4i Gold Plus card is made by r4ids.com. It has 2 kinds of package: luxury and simple package. Both of these 2 packages are in white color, so actually, they are not real r4i gold cards. The R4i Gold Plus card can be re-write in both firmware and kernel. So if you are using this flashcard, you can go it’s official website to download the latest r4i gold plus V2.0 firmware and V2.9 kernel for udpate. After update the kernel and firmware to latest version, it can work on latest 3DS and Dsi version. Many people consider it to be a powerfull flashcard, as it’s firmware and kernel can be updated continuously.       Recommend rate:


R4i Gold Pro card

R4i Gold Pro card is also released by r4i-gold.com. It can not support RTS function. The merit of it is the low price and cute package. We can’t find any difference in function between R4i Gold Pro card and R4i-Gold 3DS card. We guess they just want to earn more market. R4i Gold Pro use wood r4 V1.51 kernel, it also has very good compatibility.(support 3DS/3DSLL/3DSXL, Dsi/DsiLL/DsiXL, DS lite).      Recommend rate:


Other R4i Gold cards

Some other flashcards are also in gold packages, they are also called “r4i gold”. Such as the r4 card from r4igold.cn. When you decide to buy it, please pay more attention to the product description. The compatibility is most important for users. Some r4 card can’t support Nintendo 3DS and Dsi latest syste as lack of kernel update. Mostly, the upgradable flashcard is much better for players. Those r4i gold cards which can be upgraded will give you more support in future.

How to setup R4i Gold card

Each R4i Gold card has it’s own software. It is most important to find out the correct kernel for your r4 card. When get the package, open it and check the official website printed on the r4 label. Go the r4i gold official website and download the latest kernel. The following steps are almost the same:

1. Download the latest R4i Gold Kernel to computer.
2. Unzip the patch, and copy all kernel files to the root directory of the SD card.
3. Download some DS games to computer.
4. Unzip the game patch, and copy all game files to the root directory of the SD card.

 * All R4i Gold cards can be setup by this method. But must use the right kernel, and no 3DS games can be played currently.