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DSTT Kernel updated to DSTT V6.55 on March 19th, 2011

Posted on 21st Mar 2011 @ 5:59 AM

DSTT V6.55 released

Unofficial DSTT kernel updated to YSMenu V6.55 on March 19th. It is the latest software for DSTT and DSTTi card. DSTT V6.55 kernel enable 9 new games. Users can download it for installation.

DSTT Kernel Download

DSTT V6.55 Update Content

RetroGameFan updated extinfo and infolib, and fixed Game ROMs below.
4829 - Pokemon Silberne Edition (G)
5607 - Okamiden (E)
5608 - Know How 2 (E)
5609 - Geomaster (E)
5610 - Bibi & Tina Jump & Ride (G)
5613 - Jeopardy (U)
5614 - Digimon Story Super Xros Wars Blue (J)
5615 - Digimon Story Super Xros Wars Red (J)
5616 - Hakouki Zuisuroku (J)

DSTT Kernel update Log

      DSTT V6.57 released on April 20th, 2011.
      DSTT V6.55 released on March 19th,2011.
      DSTT V6.54 released on March 14th,2011. 
      DSTT V6.51 released on Feb 26th, 2011.
      DSTT V6.50 released on Feb 23th, 2011. 
      DSTT V6.49 released on Sep 13th, 2011.
      DSTT V6.48 released on Mar 2nd, 2011.
      DSTT V6.47 released on Jan 25th, 2011.

DSTT kernel update method

  • 1.Download the latest DSTT kernel patch to your computer.
  • 2.Release the DSTT kernel patch into 3 files:the "TTMENU",TTMenu.dat and TTMenu.sys file.
  • 3.Copy all these 3 files to the boot directory of the TF card through a card reader.
  • 4.DSTT kernel update finished.