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R4i Gold Plus support 3DS V6.1.0 with 2.1 firmware

Posted on 12th Jul 2013 @ 6:47 AM

R4i Gold Plus card hacked 3DS V6.1.0

Good news, the R4i Gold Plus card can work on Nintendo 3DS V6.1.0 system now. R4ids.com team released new R4i Gold Plus V2.1 firmware and R4i Gold Plus V3.0 kernel on July 11th. By loading the lateest V2.1 firmware and V3.0 kernel, the R4i Gold Plus card successfully work on 3DS V6.1.0-12 E/U/J and DSi V1.4.5 console. All R4i Gold Plus card which is produced after July 12th will be written-in the latest firmware. But if the R4i Gold Plus card is made before that time, please download the V2.1 firmware and upgrade the R4 card in a DS or DSi console. Then it can also work.


R4i Gold Plus V3.0 kernel update content

1、Games 6148-6203 are fixed.            R4i Gold Plus Kernel Download
2、Update the cheat database.

Special Note:
1、In individual game, you need to close the soft reset to enter the game normally, and you can turn off the soft reset and try again. In the official 5821 tested games, there are no more than 20 games need to have the soft reset turned off. So, in order to use easily, soft reset is open by default.
2、As for new games, if you still cannot enter the game after turning off the soft reset, please try to press and hold button A to enter the game.

How to update R4i Gold Plus kernel

1. Download latest R4i Gold Plus V3.0 kernel to the computer.
2. Unzip the patch, you can get 3 files: "moonshl2", "SYSTEM" and "R4.dat".
3. Drag and drop all files to the root directory of the SD card. (don't build any folder for it)
4. Old kernel files will be covered by the new kernel files automatically.

Operation finish. the kernel inside the SD card is the latest V3.0 version now.      Youtube watch R4i Gold Plus installation online Video!

R4i Gold Plus V2.1 firmware update content

 2013-7-9  R4I GOLD PLUS version firmware v2.1 

1. Upgraded to support 3DS 6.1.0-12 system..          R4i Gold Plus Firmware Download

How to update R4i Gold Plus Firmware

There are 2 methods to upgrade r4i gold plus firmware to latest V2.1 version.

*** deluxe edition ***

If your R4I GOLD PLUS is the deluxe edition, please download the upgrade package dedicated to seperate burner. After extracting, put the UPDATE.BIN directly onto the TF card root directory --> insert TF card into R4 --> insert R4 into PLUS writer --> plug into the USB port, then wait for about 30 seconds, when the indicator light keeps lighting on instead of flashing, it means that upgrade is finished.

*** standard edition ***

If your R4I GOLD PLUS is the standard edition, please download the software to run the upgrade package. After extracting the upgrade file, place it anywhere on the TF card. Then run the upgrade package just like run games, enter the upgrade interface, press button A to upgrade according to the hint, wait for the progress bar to complete, and when it prompts "restart the machine", it means that upgrade is finished.