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R4i-gold.eu release V1.67 kernel for R4i-Gold 3DS

Posted on 24th Jul 2013 @ 1:10 PM

New R4i-Gold 3DS card  from r4i-gold.eu support 3DS V6.1.0

R4i-gold.eu release new R4i-Gold 3DS card V6.1 version on 07/22/2013. It directly work on latest 3DS V6.1.0 E/U/J console by loading the new R4i-gold V1.67b kernel. New R4i-Gold 3DS card is marked with "V6.1", it use totally new core, which means all before kernels can not work in it (such as the r4i V1.66b). For those old R4i-Gold 3DS card (released before July 22nd), please don't update the 3DS firmware to latest V6.10 version, orelse the R4i Gold card willl be locked.

r4i-gold-eu-1.jpg            r4i-gold-eu-2.jpg

R4i-Gold V1.67b kernel update content

R4i-gold V1.67b kernel:
1. Support 3DS V5.1 firmware update.
2. Solved games:
6159 - FIFA Soccer 11(Usa)
6158 - Phil Taylors Power Play Darts (Europe)(En)
6157 - Jewel Quest Solitaire Trio (Europe)(En)
6156 - Transformers Dark of the Moon - Autobots (Europe)(En,Fr,Ge,It,Es)
6155 - Transformers Dark of the Moon - Decepticons (Europe)(En,Fr,Ge,It,Es)
6154 - Transformers Prime (Usa)
6111 - Pokemon - Black Version 2 (US)
XXXX - Suite Precure Melody Collection (JP)
XXXX - Pokemon - White Edition 2 (Kr)
XXXX - Pokemon - Black Version 2 (Kr)
XXXX - Pokemon - Schwarze Edition 2 (GE)
XXXX - Pokemon - Versione Nera 2 (IT)
XXXX - Pokemon - Edicion Negra 2 (SP)
XXXX - Pokemon - White Edition 2 (GE)
XXXX - Pokemon - Versione Bianca 2 (IT)
XXXX - Pokemon - White Version 2 (US)
XXXX - Pokemon - Edicion Blanca 2 (SP)

How to install Setup R4i-Gold 3DS card

1. Download latest R4i-Gold Kernel (R4i-Gold V1.67b) to the computer.
2. Unzip the patch into below 5 files.
3. Connect the MicroSD card to computer through the USB reader..
4. Copy all 5 files to the root directory of the MicroSD card.
5. Download some games or medias and put them to the root of MicroSD card.