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R4i sdhc 3DS break 3DS V6.2.0 with V1.73b kernel

Posted on 8th Aug 2013 @ 8:52 AM

R4i-sdhc.com released new R4i V1.73b kernel on August 7th. It is special fix the compatibility problem on 3DS V6.2.0 system. By loading the latest R4i V1.73b kernel,  the R4i sdhc 3DS RTS card can work on 3DS V6.2.0-12 E/U/J console. R4i SDHC Kernel Download


Note: If your R4i SDHC card is marked with "V6.20', it is the latest version which can directly support 3DS V6.2.0.

          If your R4i SDHC card is marked with "V6.10", please install the r4i v1.73b kernel, and upgrade the r4 card with a ds or dsi console firstly.

How to upgrade R4i SDHC card for 3DS V6.2.0?

1. Download and install the R4i-3DS V1.73b kernel to MicroSD card.
2. Connect the DS/DSi console to AC power.
3. Insert the SD card to R4i sdhc card, and put r4 card  into DS/DSi.
4. Power on the console to enter the R4i main menu, as below picture:


5. Choose the third button and click, you can enter next steps as below:


6. Press the "upgrade" button, you will enter the next steps as below:


7. Click "start" button to start the upgrade process.
8. Wait about 2 minutes, the upgrade process finish.
    * Warnning: While upgrading, please keep the power on. Power off will cause damage to the R4i SDHC card.