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Gateway 3DS use guide - How to setup gateway 3DS

Posted on 14th Aug 2013 @ 3:49 PM

As the first generation of 3DS jailbreak tool, Gateway 3DS card earn more and more attention from players. How does Gateway 3DS card hack 3DS games? Is it easy to use the first real 3DS flashcard? Well, with the arrival of Gateway 3DS card, the veil is uncovered. Let’s learn how to play 3DS games on it.  Buy Gateway 3DS


The package contains 2 flashcard – red card and blue card. The blue card is used for NDS model hacking on 3DS console, the red card is used to load and run 3DS ROM. Specially, the red flashcard can only support 3DS V4.1.0 to 3DS V4.5.0 system. (below we use 3DS V4.4 version). Please check and confirm your 3DS system before setup the Gateway 3DS card.


Now, let’s start to setup Gateway 3DS card step by step. Before everything, users need to download 2 sets of jailbreak software to computer: “GW Release” and “win32diskimager”. The “GW Release” has the hacking tool and Documentation for blue card, “win32diskimager” is used to load 3DS rom into the SD card (for red card play).


Step1. get a MicroSD card, format it with FAT32. Then open GW_Release_1.0Blue card(r4i), copy all files into the SD card.


Then, insert the blue card into 3DS, turn on 3DS console to enter the flashcard.


Open the blue card, you will see a file named “GATEWAY INSTALLER”. Select the file and run it. Press “A” button to start installation process. Wait until the installation finish, press “home” key to return.


Well, the 3DS console jailbreak is finished.

Step2. Take out the SD card, and connect it to computer through the USB adapter, open the GW_Release_1.0 - GW Release, copy the file of “launcher.dat” into the root of SD card. Then insert the SD card back into the 3DS console.


Step3. Enter 3DS system settingother setting Profile, select the Nintendo DS profile (in bottom) and click to run it. The 3DS machine will go white screen for a while, then return to HOME interface.

red-card-3.jpgred-card-4.jpgAs the first

Now, Jailbreak procedure is almost finished. Attention: keep the 3DS console power on all the time. If it power off, you need to restart from step 1 to step 3. The next work is to load 3DS games and run it in the red card.

Step 4. format the SD card (or get another SD card) , download a 3DS ROM (the game must be same area as the 3ds console), unzip the patch, and put the game into the SD card. We use the game of “TALES OF THE ABYSS” on Japanese 3DS console. Attention: 1 SD card can only put 1 3DS ROM, if you want to change game, need to format the SD card.


Connect the SD card to computer through USB reader, open the file of “Win32DiskImager”, click the icon of folder to open a window, then Browse and find the Rom folder, open the 3DS ROM file.


Check and confirm the disk on right up corner is the MicroSD card. Then click “write” button, and confirm it with “yes” key, wait until the write process finish.


When write process finish, take out the SD card, and insert it into the Gateway 3DS red card, put the red card into 3DS console. Turn on the power, you will see game icon in the mainmenu.


By tested, Gateway 3DS card support stand by and sleep model.

Gateway 3DS card setup finished. You can start to play 3DS games now. below are something important.

Gateay 3DS FAQ

Which console can run Gateway 3DS card?
Currently, Gateway 3DS card only support 3DS V4.00, 3DS V4.3.0, 3DS V4.4.0, 3DS V4.5.0.

Can the flashcard run higher version of 3DS ROM?
No, game version can’t be higher than console version. If you try to run ROM which is higher than V4.5.0, it will remind system update, but if you update 3ds to V5.0.0, the Gateway 3DS card will be out of work.

Can it play games from other regions?
Currently no. Gateway 3DS card support 3DS in all regions, but the game must match the console. It means, USA 3DS can only play American games, EUR 3DS can only play European games. however due to popular demand, gateway 3DS team is trying to fix the problem..

Are there any limitation on the capacity of SD card?
It support MicroSD card up to 16GB. Mostly, 4GB or 8GB is enough for players, as there is no 3DS game larger than 4GB.

Does Gateway 3DS card support standby and sleep model?
Yes, you can press HOME key to pause the game or cover the 3DS to enter sleep model. But if you power off the 3DS, you need to restart the jailbreak process.

Latest news of Gateway 3DS flashcard

* Gateway 3DS card hacked Nintendo 3DS games on May 30th, first real 3DS flashcard will come soon.

* Gateway 3DS card arrived on August 10th, now it is in stock for order.