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Gateway 3DS card support V4.5+ 3DS games

Posted on 22nd Aug 2013 @ 8:06 AM

Gateway 3DS card is already released for some day. Many players already get this fantastic product in hand, and under testing. News from official website gateway-3ds.com, saying: though Gateway 3DS card still can’t support 3DS V4.5+ console, it can run some 3DS games which is upper V4.5 version. It means, players can use 3DS V4.0(V4.5) console to play any 3DS games in future.


In this video, the player use Gateway 3DS card to run <<Mario & Luigi RPG4>> successfully. This game is released recently, which is upper 4.5 version. But it can be played in Gateway 3DS card.

The players also did region-free testing on Gateway 3DS card. They run Japanese 3DS games <<ミク and Future Stars Project mirai>> in a European 3DS console perfectly, and also, they use a Korea 3DS console to run European 3DS games << Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D>> successfully.

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