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Nintendo 2DS VS 3DS

Posted on 1st Sep 2013 @ 6:43 AM

It is wise for Nintendo to make 2DS console. 2DS is special designed for children who are in junior school. In DS time, most users are student; when DSi come, 50% users are young student; even for 3DS, the number is more than 45%. So there is no doubt 2DS is trying to get more attention from children.


3DS features for Children

1. 3DS price is too high.
2. The Collapsible screen is dangerous for children. It may be Fractured
3. Young children no need 3D performance.
4. The Shape and size of fit student, just like Iron Transformers.
5. 3DS fit the Schoolbag very well.
For most students, they can’t afford 3DS console, mostly their parent buy it for them.

2DS features for Children

1. 2DS is much cheaper than 3DS, it is acceptable for most couple.
2. Panel design, hard and firm enough. It is not so easy to be damaged.
3. No 3D performance, good for eyes of children.
4. Parents take it easy, while children like it.
5. 2DS is too big for pocket. Children will always take schoolbag for 2DS console.
If no accident, 2DS will sell very well. It may bring large benefit to Nintendo. The cost is lower, and the sale is increased. But for adult player, it is Zany and Laughable.


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