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Wood R4 kernel updated to wood r4 V1.28 on March 31st

Posted on 1st Apr 2011 @ 7:25 AM

Wood R4 V1.28 released

Wood R4 kernel updated to V1.28 on Mar 31st, 2011. It improved the wood core, fixed the wood interface and added some new games roms. Thanks to wood r4 team, their work makes wood r4 kernel more powerfull.

        Download Wood R4

Wood R4 V1.28 Update content

Wood Core
- Homebrew that use libefs efs_path filled by loader
Wood kernel Interface
- Freeze in cheat window fixed then shown additional info for some cheats.
- Wrong text clipping fixed.
- Portuguese localization updated.
Wood r4 Game ROMs Update
5636 - 'lost identities (Eu)'
5635 - 'dragon quest monsters - joker 2 - professional (Jp)'
5628 - 'tron - evolution (USA)'
2551 - 'monster farm ds 2 - yomigaeru! master breeder densetsu (JP)'
5160 - 'monster rancher ds (USA)'.
5625 - 'powerful golf (JP)'
5624 - 'tobidase! kagaku-kun chikyuu daitanken! nazo no chinkai seibutsu ni idome! (JP)'
5615 - 'digimon story - super xros wars red (JP)'
5614 - 'digimon story - super xros wars blue (JP)'
5608 - 'know how 2 (EU)'
5607 - 'okamiden (EU)'

Wood R4 kernel compatibility

R4 DS card (Original from r4ds.com, currently from r4ds.me)
R4i Gold V1.4.1 (r4ids.cn)
R4i 3DS gold card (r4ids.cn, Compatible with Nintend 3DS)
R4i Gold R4iDSN (r4idsn.com, same company to .r4ids.cn )

How to install wood r4 kernel

Before updatation, please confirm these accessories for arrangement. 1 X USB adapter, 1 X MicroSD card.
1. Download Wood R4 V1.27 kernel document to your computer.
2. Format the MicroSD TF card.
3. Release the files and copy them to the root directory of the MicroSD card.
4. Remove the MicroSD card and connect it to your r4 ds or r4i gold card.
5. Boot up your Nintendo DS machine to enjoy the game.

Wood r4 Kernel update log:

     Wood R4 V1.30 released on May 19th, 2011.
     Wood R4 V1.29 released (4-30-2011)
     Wood R4 V1.28 released (3-31-2011)
     Wood R4 V1.27 released (3-15-2011)
     Wood R4 V1.26 released (3-04-2011)
     Wood R4 V1.25 released (2-25-2011)