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R4i gold V2.0 kernel updated to AKAIO V1.8.6 a on April 10th

Posted on 12th Apr 2011 @ 1:40 AM

AKAIO V1.8.6a released for r4i gold V2.0 card

New AKAIO V1.8.6a kernel was released few days before. It is the latest firmware for R4i gold V2.0 card. R4idsn.com team fixed many new games in this software. By loading the AKAIO V1.8.6a kernel, the r4i gold V2.0 can run more DSi games on Nintendo 3DS.

           R4i Gold V2.0 kernel download

AKAIO V1.8.6a updated content:

Fixed Ninokuni - Shikkoku no Madoushi (#5400).
Fixed Fuurai no Shiren 5 - Fortun Tower to Unmei no Dice (#5402).
Fixed Call of Duty - Black Ops (#5407).
Fixed Kaiju Busters Powered (#5500).
Fixed Zombie Daisuki (#5501).
Fixed Eigo de Tabisutu - Little Charo (#5508).
Fixed Blue Dragon - Awakened Shadow (#5511).
Fixed Inazuma Eleven (#5516,#5522,#5533,#5534,#5535).
Fixed Mabeop Cheonjamun DS2 - Choehuui hanjamabeop (#5523).
Fixed Vampire Moon - The Mystery of the Hidden Sun (#5528).
Fixed Michael Jackson - The Experience (#5529).
Fixed Sora no Otoshimono Forte - Dreamy Season (#5530).
Fixed Dragon Ball Kai - Ultimate Butouden (#5531).
Fixed Ghost Trick - Phantom Detective (#5537).
Fixed Blue Dragon - Awakened Shadow (#5544).
Fixed KORG M01 Music Workstation (#5549).
Fixed Pokemon - White Version (#5584,#5586).
Fixed Pokemon - Black Version (#5585,#5587).

R4i Gold V2.0 support Nintendo 3DS

A new update patch was issued from r4ids.com on April 6th, it enable r4i gold V2.0 card to run DSi games on Nintendo 3DS. This is really a good news for R4i gold V2.0 users. By updated the firmware, users can easily enjoy games on N3DS now.

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