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R4i Gold new 3DS version review - R4i Gold new package from r4ids.cn

Posted on 22nd Apr 2011 @ 10:55 AM

New R4i Gold 3DS version from r4ids.cn

A newest version of r4i gold 3DS card is issued from r4ids.cn. Now it is under the testing and review process.


Since this process need time to conduct properly, I've created a short hands-on impression of this new r4i gold 3ds card.

The R4i Gold is a recent flash card, but the team seems intent on delivering a product that defies the standard R4 "clone" label.
With a simple design and official support from Wood, this cart aims to be a mainstay in the community. How well does it work

New R4i Gold 3DS Packing

Largely change was made to the new r4i gold package. . A noticable addition to the R4i Gold unit that I received was a red sticker on the package highlighting it's 3DS compatibility.
Since it was a sticker it was clear that this is the standard R4i Gold unit with the 3DS compatibility bootloader update already applied (opposed to a new hardware version like other flash carts).

(The previous line was a mistake, while this r4i gold card can be updated for new 3DS firmware versions and older versions of the cart can be updates for new DSi firmware versions, you cannot upgrade an older DSi version of the R4i Gold to have 3DS compatibility like other flash cards.)


As for the quality of the packaging, the R4i Gold's is done simply, but it protects the flash cart. The box isn't larger than it needs to be, and the cart itself is contained within a plastic holding container; it doesn't look like the cart could be damaged during normal shipping conditions if properly packaged. The plastic holding container seems to be used for many flash carts, it can hold two flash or DS game carts at once and is a nice little addition with the purchase.

A standard USB MicroSD card reader is included, though I found it was difficult to remove the MicroSD once it was placed in the reader, as it fit rather snug.

R4i Gold 3DS hardware

The R4i Gold 3DS is a simply-designed flash cart, two clipped-together halves of a shell, and a PCB. One of the first things I noticed is that the MicroSD slot is not spring-loaded. Some people prefer this as it means one less possible point of failure, while others may find the MicroSD hard to remove if you don't have nails.                     


The cart in general is not thick like some other flash cards, but unfortunately the unit I received has the habit of getting stuck when I tried to eject it, to the point that I can literally pick up the system by holding onto the flash cart. This is not simply friction caused by a tight fit, it feels like the R4i Gold is getting caught on something and I have to wiggle it to the right to free it. This problem was exhibited in both a DSi and 3DS, and none of my other carts (game or flash) do this.

R4i Gold 3DS Compatibility

The unit I received had the 3DS bootloader update already applied, and as suspected after giving it a MicroSD with the proper Wood menu files, the R4i Gold 3DS successfully ran on an updated US Nintendo 3DS system, with no noticeable flaws. It's important to note that this flash cart (like all current flash carts) currently runs on the 3DS in "DS mode". This means the r4i gold 3ds card runs as if it's in a DS. It will not play DSi games, it will not play 3DS games, and no games or homebrew running from the cart can take advantage of any extra DSi or 3DS features.

R4i Gold Game/Homebrew Compatibility

The Wood R4 firmware for the R4i Gold boasts high compatibility, and is currently one of the top-suggested firmwares. Indeed it seemed to have no problem with many common games, and it would run trimmed ROMs and ROM hacks without a problem, even detecting cheats properly. Save size is detected automatically, and the Wood firmware is compatible with the standard .SAV save type that many flash carts use, so Wood was able to pick up on and use my saves from some other carts without an issue.

A proper test of various problematic ROMs and homebrew will be conducted for the full review. We hope this R4i gold will be stand out in R4 3DS world.