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Wood R4 Kernel updated to wood r4 V1.29 for R4 DS card on May 30th

Posted on 1st May 2011 @ 12:16 AM

Wood r4 V1.29 was released on May 30th

Latest wood r4 kernel - V1.29 was released yesterday. It is the latest software for R4 DS card. New wood r4 V1.29 fixed some bugs and added 10 games. Thanks to wood r4 team, their hard work brings more joy to players.

Wood R4 Download

Wood R4 kernel compatibility

Though wood r4 is an unofficial software, it offers very good compatibility. It support following flashcard:

R4 DS card from r4ds.com. (now official website change to r4ds.me).
R4i Gold V1.4.1 card and R4i Gold 3DS card from r4ids.cn.
R4idsn card and R4idsn 3DS card from r4idsn.com.

Wood R4 V1.29 update content

This Wood R4 kernel fixed below 10 new game roms.
4678 - 'bejeweled twist'
5659 - 'cosmetick paradise princess life (japan)'
5655 - 'rio'
5574 - save size to 512K for 'radiant historia'.
5654 - 'tinker bell and the great fairy rescue (usa)'
5651 - 'wizards of waverly place - spellbound (usa)'
5648 - 'wizards of waverly place - spellbound (europe)'
4292 - 'mario & sonic at the olympic winter games'
5639 - 'chronicles of mystery - the secret tree of life (usa)'
0056 - soft-reset in 'super mario 64'

Wood R4 kernel update log

Unofficial r4 kernel updated very fast and regularly. It is widely loved by r4 ds card users.    

Wood R4 V1.30 released (5-19-2011)
Wood R4 V1.29 releaesd (4-30-2011)
Wood R4 V1.28 released (4-01-2011)
Wood R4 V1.27 released (3-15-2011)
Wood R4 V1.26 released (3-04-2011)
Wood R4 V1.25 released (2-25-2011)
Wood R4 V1.24 released (2-14-2011)
Wood R4 V1.23 released (1-22-2011)

How to install wood r4 kernel

Before kernel update, please confirm the "r4ids.com" mark on the package, Only original r4 ds card with "SDTF-2GB" supports wood R4 kernel. Other imitation may cause failer.
     1. Download Latest Wood R4 kernel patch.
     2. Release the patch into several files.
     3. Connect the MicroSD card to the computer by a MicroSD reader.
     4. Copy all files to the boot directoy of the MicroSD card.
     5. kernel installation finished, if you like, you may also copy some games of media files to the TF card for use.