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R4iTT Kernel updated to R4iTT V2.25 on June 17th

Posted on 18th Jun 2011 @ 6:32 AM

R4iTT V2.25 kernel released from r4itt.net

Latest r4itt V2.25 updated on June 17th. It is the latest software for R4iTT card from r4itt.net. New R4iTT kernel V2.25 version fixed 38 new games, which make r4itt card to be more powerful and more attractive. What is more, R4iTT-RTS V2.00 ws released for R4iTT 3DS card. Thanks to r4itt technical team, with their hard work, users can enjoy more games.

R4iTT Kernel download

R4iTT V2.25 update content

5500-Zombie Daisuki
5499-Kaiju Busters Powered
5498-Go, Diego, Go! Mega Bloks Build Rescue
5497-Jewel Match
5496-Eindeloos Backgammon
5495-Plants vs. Zombies DS
5494-Wario Ware Touched!
5493-Pirates- Duels on the High Seas
5492-Jewel Quest Mysteries
5491-Imagine- Fashion Designer World Tour
5490-Dream Salon
5489-Dragons Lair
5488-Suzuki Super-bikes II- Riding Challenge
5487-Littlest Pet Shop 3- Pink Team
5486-Emily Archer- La Malediction de Toutankhamon
5485-Batman- The Brave and the Bold
5484-Caspers Scare School- Classroom Capers
5483-Puzzle Expedition
5482-Shining Stars- Super Starcade
5481-Garfield Gets Real
5480-Animaniacs- Lights, Camera, Action!
5479-Littlest Pet Shop 3- Purple Team
5478-Das Haus Anubis- Das Geheimnis des Osiris
5477-Ghost Trick
5476-Yogi Bear- The Video Game
5475-Monster Jam- Path of Destruction
5474-Shawn Johnson Gymnastics
5473-Kingdom Hearts- Recoded
5472-Kingdom Hearts- Recoded
5471-Golden Eye 007
5470-Zorro Quest For Justice
5469-Kunio-kun No chou Nekketsu!Dai Undoukai
5468-Jewel Pet Mahou no Heya de Isshoni Asobou!
5467-Naruto Shippuden- Naruto vs. Sasuke
5466-Tomicar Hero- Rescue Force DS
5465-Tomicar Hero- Rescue Force DS
5464-Pucca Power Up
5463-Wagamama Fashion Girls Mode

How to install R4iTT kernel

1. Download R4iTT V2.25 to the computer from official website or our download page.
2. Unzip the patch into several files.
3. Connect the MicroSD card to the computer through MicroSD reader.
4. Copy all files to the root directory of the MicroSD card. (TF card).
5. Copy some game Rom to the TF card.

R4iTT kernel update log:

R4iTT V2.23 updated and R4iTT-RTS V1.02 released on June 1st, 2011
R4iTT V2.20 updated on March 22nd, 2011.
R4iTT V2.19 updated on March 3rd, 2011.