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Wood R4 V1.32 released for R4 3DS and R4 card

Posted on 30th Jun 2011 @ 6:41 AM

Wood R4 udpated to V1.32

Wood R4 is a most famous software in Nintendo world. It is availabe for many R4 3DS and R4 cards. The latest wood R4 V1.32 kernel is released on June 30th. It fixed some bugs and improved 5 new games. Users can download it to enjoy more functions.

Wood R4 Download

Wood R4 Compatibility

Wood R4 kernel can be used in below flashcard:
R4 DS card from r4sdhc.me.
R4i Gold V1.4.2 and R4i 3DS card (R4i Gold 3DS) from r4ids.cn.
R4iDSN card and R4iDSN 3DS card from r4idsn.com.

Wood r4 V1.32 Update content

Core update
- Switched to devkitarm r33
- Wifi-update lwip 1.4.0

User Interface
- Animation support added to skins
- Wrapping in dialogs tabs

DS game ROMs Compatibility
Wood R4 V1.32 is compatible with before version, it added below 5 new games:
5748 - 'kung fu panda 2'
5742 - 'cars 2 (usa)'
5745 - 'murder in venice (usa)'
5749 - 'solatorobo - red the hunter (europe)'
5750 - 'one piece - gigant battle! (germany)'

Wood R4 kernel update log

Wood R4 V1.31 updated on June 10th.
Wood R4 V1.30 released on May 19th 2011.
Wood R4 v1.29 updated on April 30th 2011.
Wood R4 V1.28 released on April 1st 2011.
Wood R4 V1.27 released on March 15th 2011.

How to install wood r4 kernel correctly

For different flashcard, the files inside wood r4 kernel are different. But the installation process are very similar:
1. Download latest Wood R4 V1.32 patch to the computer.
2. Unzip the patch into several files.
3. Connect the MicroSD card to the computer through a MicroSD reader.
4. Format the TF card, and copy all files to the root directoy of the TF card.
(If already installed before version, old files will be covered by latest wood r4 files)