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AKAIO 1.8.8 kernel released for Acekard 2i and Acekard 2

Posted on 24th Aug 2011 @ 10:37 AM

Acekard kernel updated to AKAIO V1.8.8

AKAIO is an unofficial kernel for Acekard 2i and Acekard 2 card. It updated to AKAIO V1.8.8 on August 23th.  The latest AKAIO V1.8.8 kernel not only fixed bugs and largely improved the function, but also fixed new games of "Fixed Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 2 (#XXXX)".  Acekard card users can download it from below link:

Acekard 2i Kernel Download


AKAIO 1.8.8 update content

+ Updated to devkitARM r34 and libnds 1.5.2
+ Added two small icon view modes: Filename and Internal Name
+ Touchscreen scrolling has been inverted by default
- Mimics touchscreen phone/tablet scrolling
- Can be toggled in Advanced Settings screen
+ FAS1 Modifications to allow modifying specific SRAM Banks and dumping the entire 256KB SRAM
- Options in the FAS1 Menu
+ Added support for 24bit and 32bit bitmaps for skins
- Note these get down sampled to 16bit so no increase in available colors
Fixed games: Fixed Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 2 (#XXXX).

How to install AKAIO kernel?

1. Download latest AKAIO V1.8.8 firmware to computer from official website or our page..
2. Unzip the patch, you will get 2 files: "__aio" and "akmenu4.nds".
3. Format the MicroSD card, and copy the 2 files to the root directory of MicroSD card.
4. Download some games, and copy them to the MicroSD card (should be root directory).
    Then, you can start to run your Acekard 2i card on Nintendo console.  Acekard 2i setup method