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M3i Zero GMP-Z003 kernel update for Nintendo 3DS V2.1.0-4 And DSi V1.4.3

Posted on 7th Sep 2011 @ 11:15 AM

Latest M3i Zero kernel - m3i Zero GMP-Z003 issued on Aug 26th

M3i Zero firmware updated to GMP Z003 on August 26th. M3adapter.com largely improved the capacity and function of the software. By loading the latest software, M3i zero card can work on Nintendo 3DS V2.1.0-4U/E and DSi V1.4.3 console.

M3i Zero GMP-Z003 updated content

1. Support Nintendo 3DS V 2.1.0-4J, V2.1.0-4U, V2.1.0-4E. Support M3i Zero Sakura system for Multi-media functions and NDS games.
2. Support NDSi/NDSi LL V1.4.3J, NDSi/NDSi XL V1.4.3U and Ver 1.4.3E
3. Update the NDSi/3DS logic on NDS core.


*This M3i zero GMP-Z003 only support M3i Zero new version, which was pasted on the right up corner with "GMP-Z003" mark. The before version can't use this firmware.
*The M3i Zero before version support 3DS kernel update, please download "SP5 kernel" for installation.
*The GMP-Z003 Firmware contains hardware and software update, after M3i Zero GMP-Z003 update, no need "SP5" update.


M3i Zero Keyword Specification

Hardware update: M3i Zero card core logic update, usually need kernel update together.
Kernel update: M3i Zero data update, to get better functions and fix new games.
System update: Contains M3i Zero hardware update and kernel update.

M3i Zero update specification

1. No kernel installed for all M3i Zero cards before output. No NDS console can recognize the M3i Zero card without the kernel installation, it will reminds:"no card". So for new M3i Zero card, please do correct kernel installation. While new M3i Zero kernel released,if there is no problem of compatibility, it is not necessary to update the kernel.
2. It is special for the M3i Zero GMP-Z003 update,users need a NDS/NDSi console to update the firmware. For new purchase of M3i zero, please download and install the M3i zero SP3 kernel, upgrade the kernel with Power Supply cable, then do the M3i Zero GMP-Z003 update on the NDS/NDSi console.
3. M3i Zero SP3 Update method can be found in the download page, check for more details.
4.After install M3i Zero GMP-z003 kernel, if no special requirement, users can do later kernel update with Power Supply Cable in future. If there are some special requirement, you have to upgrade the hardware first,then do the kernel update, orelse, the M3i Zero card will be out of work.
5. To use GMP-Z003 kernel update files, M3DS Real/M3i Zero users must upgrade system to M72 V4.8f X or upper version, M3SAKURA users must upgraded the system to M29 V1.49. Orelse, the Soft key-back and saving in-time function is useless. Recommend updated to the latest version.

M3i Zero kernel update process

1. Download latest M3i Zero patch, and copy the"M3GUpdaterPlus_142.nds" file to the root directory of MicroSD card.
2. Insert the MicroSD card with file to M3i Zero card.
3. Connect the M3i Zero card to a NDS/NDSi console, power on the console to enter main menu, select game menu, and run M3SAKURA system or TouchPod system.
4. Run "M3GUpdaterPlus_142.nds " file on M3SAKURA or TouchPod system, start to update.
5. Please keep the NDS/NDSi console power on, and don't shake the console while on updating. Press "start" key 2 times to start update process.
    Update process is as below:
    Step 1:SW Erasing...(from 0 to100%,LED of M3i zero will light on all the time)
    Step 2:SW Writing...(from 0 to100%,M3i Zero LED light of M3i Zero off)
    Step 3:SW Verifying...(from 0 to100%,M3i Zero LED light off)
    Step 4:HW Erasing...(from 0 to100%,M3i Zero LED light twinkle)
    Step 5:HW Verifying...(from 0 to100%,M3i Zero LED light of M3i Zero off)
    After upgrade, Screen shows:Updating success.
6. Turn off the power of NDS/NDSi console, take out the M3i Zero card, and insert it to 3DS console, then it can run m3SaKURA and Touchpod system on Nintendo 3DS V2.1.0-4.

Solution for M3i Zero failled loading

There is some risk on the firmware upgrade, the failer update may cause damage to the M3i Zero card. Though it is few to happen, users can do below operation to repair.
1.Update the kernel by using the Power Supply Cable.
2.If you update the kernel successfully, and it works well, you can try to upgrade the hardware again.
3.If you are failed to update the kernel, the M3i Zero core is damage, contact the reseller for repair or change.