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First R4 3DS card run 3DS games in the world

Posted on 17th Sep 2011 @ 3:33 AM

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The first real R4 3DS card in the world is come out. It is called the crown3ds. The before R4 3DS, which run DSi games on 3DS console are actually all DSi cards. Now, the crown3ds come out. It is the first R4 3DS card in the world, which can run 3DS games.

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Crown3DS released

Great news! We are proud to announce that: Crown3DS, the first genuine 3DS flashcard in the world, its original testing card now can run 3DS rom game - "splinter cell3d.3ds" on 3DS V2.1.0-4 successfully(see more details in the above youtube video)! Many thanks to all of our developing guys, it couldn't make without their several months hardwork....

Next, we will dump more 3DS rom games, and will do further firmware testing and keep structure design updated for more high compatibility and stability.

The more specific info of Crown3DS card will be released sooner or later, to be expected!

When will be the 3DS card on sale?

Currently, Crown 3DS card can only run parts of 3DS games, not all 3DS games. Crown 3ds team is improved the technology and fit the problems. It will be on mass production very soon. Few weeks later, players can see the first R4 3DS card on the market.

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