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R4i Gold Plus V1.7 Kernel update

Posted on 30th Oct 2011 @ 2:48 AM

New R4i Gold Plus V1.7 kernel released on October 28th. It is the latest software for R4i Gold Plus card of r4ids.com.  30 new DSi games are fixed in the new R4i Gold Plus kernel. User can download it to enjoy more joy.  R4i Gold Plus Kernel download


R4i Gold Plus V1.7 update content

1、Optimize the effects of touch screen, to make touch more precisely.

2、Games 5840、5841、5842、5843、5844、5845、5846、5847、5848、5849、5850、5851、5852、5853、5854、5855、5856、5857、5858、5859、5860、5861、5862、5863、5864、5865、5866、5867、5868 and 5869 are fixed.