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Which R4 3DS card can work on Nintendo 3DS V2.2.0?

Posted on 9th Nov 2011 @ 3:34 PM

Nintendo upgrade 3DS firmware to V2.2.0-4J few days before. And most R4 3DS cards in the market are locked. But some flashcards successfully broke 3DS V2.2.0 console, they are: R4i Gold Plus card from r4ids.com, R4i Gold 3DS card from r4ids.cn, R4isdhc RTS card from r4isdhc.com, R4iTT and R4iTT 3DS card from r4itt.net, Supercard Dstwo from supercard.sc. If you are using one of these flashcards, you can go mentioned website and download the latest firmware to upgrade the card, then you can easily run your R4 3DS card on 3DS V2.2 console. Well, for other R4 3DS cards user, please don’t update the console to V2.2.0.. Just wait untill the jailbreak.

There are times when updates are needed, to fix bugs or issue, or to make something even better, and then there are times they are now. For our R4 3DS owners out there with the R4 3DS Cards, if you are prompted to update your Nintendo 3DS to version 2.2.0, make sure you decline and wait until our new firmware kernel is released with 2.2 support. As of this writing, version 2.1.3 is fully compatible, and the programmers are hard at work to make the newest R4 kernel compatible with the new 2.2 version of the 3DS system software as well. Until then though, please leave your current Nintendo 3DS at the present firmware, without updating.

Updates are not mandatory, and you'll be able to continue playing all of your games and apps, and enjoy all of the features of your Nintendo 3DS system without having to move up to the newer version of the 3ds system software. Some 3DS games will update the 3DS console automatically, such as “Super Mario 3D Land”. But this will never happen on users who is using R4 3DS card, as R4 3DS card can only run DSi games(DSi game will not arose the upgrade process).

If you are useing R4 3DS card, and not sure whether the R4 3DS can support 3DS V2.2.0 console, you can go official website to find informations. Before that, please don’t update the firmware. As the 3DS V2.2 update didn’t fix any bugs or offer new functions. You can still play you games. Just keep on waitting untill the solution. We will issue the latest news in r4town.com.