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Download Kernel

Latest R4i and R4 Kernel can be download from this page. R4town.com will issued the Software and hardware update news in the first time. Users can download the kernel freely with very good speed.

R4i SDHC Kernel Download

      R4 SDHC Kernel  ( R4 SDHC Kernel )

      For R4i SDHC V1.4.1 and R4 SDHC card from r4i-sdhc.com

R4i Gold Kernel download

      R4i Gold Kernel

      For R4i Gold V1.4.1 (r4ids.cn), R4i Gold V2.0 (r4ids.com) and R4i-gold upgrade (r4i-gold.com)

R4 Kernel Download

      R4 Kernel

      For R4 DS card (r4ds.me)

DSTTi DSTT Kernel download    

      DSTT Kernel        

      For DSTT and DSTTi card from ndstt.com

R4iTT Kernel download

      R4iTT Kernel

      For R4iTT card from r4itt.net.

R4ultra Kernel (R4i ultra) download

      R4ultra kernel

      For r4ultra and r4i ultra card from r4ultra.com

Acekard kernel download

      Acekard 2i Kernel

      For acekard 2i card from acekard.com

Dstwo Kernel Download

      Dstwo Kernel

      For Supercard Dstwo from supercard.sc

M3i Kernel download

      M3i Zero Kernel

      For M3i Zero card from M3adapter.com

EZflash Kernel download

      EZflash Kernel

      For EZflash card from ezflash.com