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How to Play Pokemon 2 on R4i SDHC card

R4i SDHC card is a most popular flashcard in the market currently. It can play 99% DS games in Nintendo 3DS, DSi and DS console. However, it always has problem to play Pokemon black and white 2. When players try to run Pokemon 2 on R4i SDHC card, they may meet 2 problem: “the Load Rom Error code=5” and “the white screen freezing”. We will help to fix the problem and guide to setup the R4i SDHC card step by step.

                                         R4i SDHC 3DS card from r4i-sdhc.com

Step1. Format the MicroSD card in the computer

Somebody may think the problem is caused by the compatibility of the SD card, but it is actually not. We can easily format the SD card in the computer without any special tool. Both the SD and SDHC card are ok, as R4i SDHC card supports most kinds of memory card up to 32GB. We have tested both 2GB and 8GB, all working great, so we thought SD card size is not a problem. Many guys suggest formatting the SD card with a professional tool such as the SD formatter, didn’t use any of the tool, because we found it would take me more than one hours to format and re-write the 8GB SD card, so we just do a easy format. After format the SD card, we can start to install the software and games.

Step2. R4i SDHC V1.67b kernel installation

Download the official R4i SDHC Kernel (latest version is R4i 3DS V1.67b)to the computer, unzip the patch, and put all files into the root of sd card.  There should be 4 files inside the SD card:


Step3.  YSMenu software installation

Download the RetroGameFan_Multi_Cart_Update_v6.98, unzip it, you will get below files list.


Step4. R4i-sdhc YSMenu for R4i SDHC card

Choose the “r4i-sdhc YSMenu” folder, and open it. You will get below files list:


Step5.  Copy the “Games”,  “TTMenu”, “TTMenu.dat” and “TTMenu.nds” into the root of the sd card.

Step6.  Go back to the RetroGameFan_Multi_Cart_Update_v6.98, find usrcheat.dat file, and copy it to the TTMenu Folder.

Step7.  Then put the Pokemon White 2(US) and Pokemon Black 2(US) clean games in the root of sd card. In the end, all files inside the SD card are as below:


Step8: Insert the SD card into the R4i SDHC card, and put the R4 card into Nintendo 3DS/DSi/DS console, turn on the power to enter mainmeu.


Click the icon and access


Click first game menu.


Click TTmenu.nds


Select the Pokemon White 2 and press “A” key to start play.


Every thing goes well. The R4i SDHC card runs Pokemon Black and white 2 successfully, with out any problem. Both Sandisk and Kingston SD card (2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB) are available. The most important thing is, you not only need to download the official r4i sdhc kernel, but also RetroGameFan_Multi_Cart_Update_v6.98 for use.