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How to choose flashcard

What can flashcard do?

With a flashcard, you can play free games, watch Video, listen Music, Read E-book ......

Flashcard for Nintendo overview

There are many flashcards in the market now. Such as R4i 3DS, R4i SDHC 3DS, 3DS Card, R4iTT, R4i-Gold 3DS, Acekard 2i, Supercard DStwo, M3i Zero, TT 3DS, R4i RTS, EZflash, R4idsn 3DS. They are different in price and functions. Different brand and different capacity. Some flashcard has special features and compatibility. The firmware for some flashcard are always update to support latest Nintendo games, but others never. Well, it is very important to choose a suitable flashcard, with powerful functions and best price.

Flashcard compatibility

Before choose the flashcard, users should check which console do you have.

Flashcard  3DS/3DSXL  DSi XL/LL  DSi DS Lite/ DS Flashable Firmware Writer
R4i SDHC 3DS  4.4.0-10  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
R4i SDHC RTS  7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  V
3DS Card  7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
R4i Gold 3DS  7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
Pandora 3DS  2.0.0  1.4.2  1.4.2  V  V  X
R4i Gold Plus  6.3.0-12  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  V
M3i Zero  4.5.0  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  V
Supercard dstwo
 7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
TT 3DS  7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  V
R4i SDHC V1.4.5  X  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
Acekard 2i  4.3.0  1.4.4  1.4.4  V  V  X
DSTTi  1.0.0-1  1.4.2  1.4.2  V  V  X
DSTT  X  X  X  V  X  X
Acekard 2  X  X  X  V  X  X
R4i RTS  7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  X  X
R4i-Gold 3DS  7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
R4idsn 3DS  7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
R4i-Gold Pro
 7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
 7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
R4iTT  7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
R4i Dual Core
 7.1.0-13  1.4.5  1.4.5  V  V  X
Gateway 3DS  4.5.0-10  X  X    V  X
3DSlink 7.1.0-13          
R4i Gold Deluxe 7.1.0-13          
R4-SDHC  X  X  X  V  X  X
R4 DS  X  X  X  V  V  X

Personally recommend

Considering the compatibility and price, we kindly recommend users to buy R4i SDHC 3DS or R4i 3DS card.
* The 2 kinds of card are most popular in Nintendo playrs. Large number of people are using them on Nintendo 3DS console.
* R4i SDHC 3DS and R4i 3DS have very good compatibility, both of them support all Nintendo consoles, including: 3DS V7.1.0 U/E/J, DSi/DSiLL/DSIXL V1.4.5, DSi/DSiLL/DSIXL V1.4.4, DSi/DSiLL/DSIXL V1.4.1, DS and DS lite..
* The 2 flashcards keep on updateing the firmware to support latest Nintendo games, technical service is good.
* The interface of both R4i SDHC 3DS and R4i 3DS are very simple. It is easy to operate. They are suitable not only for new players of children, but also for top players.

After market service

All flashcards in r4town.com are 100% tested before shipping out. We will always send out the order in less than 24 hours. All flashcards are 3 moths warranty. If there are any problems within 3 months, customers can ask exchange or fully refund. What is more, we offer R4 Firmware and Nintendo games download for free. R4town.com will keep on updating the flashcard news in the first time.