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M3i Zero Kernel

M3i Zero for DS and GBA game

M3i Zero is an amazing flashcard. It enable players to download homemade games, watch movies and listen music. M3i zero card can works on Nintendo 3DS (V4.1.0-8),  DSi/DSiLL/DSiXL and DS lite. As a multi-media flashcard, M3i zero not only suport DS games, but also support GBA games play.

M3i Zero kernel download

M3i team always update the firmware to improve the compatibility. And M3i zero card will work for latest Nintendo system update.

M3i Zero System File                M3i Zero V4.2.0 Kernel

M3i Zero V4.5.0 Kernel

M3i Zero Firmware upgrade Patch

M3i Zero SP8 Kernel update log

M3i zero kernel update to SP8 on June 1st.
1. Break Nintendo 3DS V4.1.0-8 J, 3DS V4.1.0-8U and 3DS C4.1.0-8E system.
2. Support Nintendo NDSi/NDSiLL/NDSiXL V1.4.4 U and V1.4.4E console.
3. New M3i Zero SP8 kernel only work on M3i zero GMP-Z003 card, not available on old version.
4. M3i Zero break Nintendo 3DS V4.5.0 and DSi V1.4.5 system on Dec 1st.
5. How to upgade M3i Zero for 3DS V4.5.0 - M3i Zero use guide.