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R4 Skin

If you don't like the default R4 Skin on your Nintendo console, you can change it into you favourite pictures. You can also DIY your own R4 Skin / R4 thems for different flashcard.

R4 SKin for R4i SDHC card

R4 Skin change method, R4 theme DIY on R4i-sdhc (r4i-sdhc.com)

Download the R4 Skin patch to computer, unzip the patch, and copy the "R4_Skin" to directory of "TF/R4iMenu/Skin". Turn on 3DS console, enter the "R4 mainmenu - config", choose your favourate skin, and press "A" key to confirm.  then the R4 theme changed.

        Youtube watch R4i SDHC Skin Change Video !

There are 4 files in the R4 Skin directory, each has different functions, can't be changed:
     TScreen.bmp -- R4 NDSI Top screen interface after starting the machine
     BottomInit.bmp -- R4 NDSI Bottom screen interface after starting the machine
     TScreen.bmp -- R4 NDSI Top screen interface for the file category
     BottomScreen.bmp -- R4 NDSI Bottom screen interface for the file category.

R4 Skin / R4 theme Download

   s042.jpg      s056.jpg     s101.jpg    s091.jpg     s036.jpg 
           Download                      Download                       Download                      Download                       Download

   s037.jpg     s038.jpg     s043.jpg     s044.jpg    s047.jpg
          Download                       Download                       Download                      Download                       Download

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R4 SKin for R4i Gold card

How to change R4 Skin? R4 theme DIY for R4i Gold (r4ids.cn)

1. Download the R4 Skin patch, unzip it into files.
2. Put the file into directory of "TF / _rpg / Ui"
3. Turn on the console, enter the mainmenu, choose "Settings" - "User interface style".
4. Choose your favourite theme and press "A" key to confirm.  R4 Skin change finished.

R4 Skin / R4 theme Download

hello-kitty.jpg      doraemon.jpg    r4i-skin-1.jpg    r4i-skin-3.jpg 
             Download                                  Download                                  Download                                    Download

r4i-skin-4.jpg     r4i-skin-5.jpg    r4i-skin-6.jpg    r4i-skin-7.jpg 
             Download                                  Download                                  Download                                    Download

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R4 Skin for R4i-Gold card

R4 Skin change on R4i-gold (r4i-gold.com)

Downlod and unzip the patch, then copy the file to the "TF/R4iMenu/Skin" directory.

It also has 4 files: "TScreen.bmp", "BottomInit.bmp", "TScreen.bmp", "BottomScreen.bmp". These files names can not be changed, picture must be in .bmp format with 8 or 24 digits, picture size must be of 256*192 pixel.

R4 Skin / R4 theme Download

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