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R4 for DS

Which r4 card can work on Nintendo DS?

All flashcard in the market can work on Nintendo DS console. As the junior product, DS system didn’t update for a long time. So all the R4 3DS card, DSi card, and R4 card can work on DS/DS lite, there is no compatibility problem. Below is the list of flashcard which is popular in the market at the moment:

R4 card special for DS lite

There are some r4 cards in the market, which is special released for DS console. They can not work on 3DS and DSi. These flashcard contains: R4 DS card from r4ds.com, DSTT card from ndstt.com, R4 SDHC card from r4i=sdhc.com, Acekard 2 card from acekard.com. They are the first generation of flashcard in the world. Most of them are not perfect in function and quality, but they are good in price.

How to choose a suitable r4 card for DS?

It is hard to say which flashcard is best for DS lite, as everybody has his own idea. If you only consider the function, the Supercard DStwo is most power. For a children or green bird, the r4 card don’t need too much function, but it must be cheap, then the R4 DS card is suitable. For some other people, they not only want to use the flashcard in DS, but also in DSi or 3DS system, in this time, the R4i Gold 3DS card will fit his requirement.