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R4 not work?

We promise: All flashcard from r4town.com is 100% tested before ship out.
In case of the R4 3DS not work, please don't worry, you won't loss any money!

If your R4 3DS card can't work on Nintendo console, there may be 3 reasons: 1. you did wrong operation to install the kernel and games; 2. the R4 3DS card need to be upgraded for your console; 3. the R4 3DS flashcard is broken. Please check below for solution.


R4 3DS card not work at first time

If the R4 3DS card can't work, while opening the package, you can try to solve it:

1. Make sure, you do correct operation to set up the R4 3DS card.
    * Download correct R4 Kernel from official website (printed on the card).
    * Unzip the patch, you can get some files.
    * Copy all files to the root directory of the TF card.
    * Download some games, and copy them to the root directory of TF card.
       (watch R4 3DS installation online video)

2. Check the Connection between MicroSD card and R4 3DS card, whether it is well.

3. Make sure the R4 3DS card connect well with the Nintendo console.

4. If upper operation is useless, try the R4 card with another MicroSD card.

5. If still not work, try the R4 3DS card in another Nintendo console.

6. If the R4 3DS can't work in any console with any TF card, it must be broken, please send letter to sales@r4town.com or contact our skype: r4town.com, we will exchange the card for you.


R4 3DS card work for some days, then broken?

If you get the R4 3DS card, it worked well before, but now out of work, please don't worry, try below steps.

1. Go official website and check. If there are some firmware update, download the update patch, and upgrade the R4 3DS card to the latest version. In most case, the problem can be solved.

2. There may be some files damage in the MicroSD card. Try to format the MicroSD card, and re-install the latest r4 kernel. Some software problem can be fixed by this method.

3. The R4 3DS card is dirty. If the Nintendo console can't find the R4 card, try to clean the Kingfinger part of the R4 card, then try again.

4. It is may be other problems, try the R4 3DS card on another console and another TF card.

5. If still can't work, the R4 3DS card must be broken. Send letter to sales@r4town.com , we will exchange the card for you.

R4 card Problem analyze & solution

Problem 1:  The screen shows: "There is no game card insert".
Analyze: The console can't find the r4 card. It mostly caused by the bad connection between R4 card and console. Try to make the connection well (insert the r4 card smoothly and with little more power), mostly problem can be fixed. If still not work, the kingfinger part of r4 card must be damage or dirty. contact reseller for exchange.

Problem 2The screen shows: "No card".
Analyze: The r4 card can't find SD card. you forget to put MicroSD card to r4 card, or the SD card is broken.

Problem 3The screen shows "MENU?" with a SD card icon.
Analyze:  R4 card can't read the kernel inside the SD card. It may be casue by 3 reason: 1. you download wrong kernel or not install correctly; 2. SD card connect not well with R4 card; 3. The SD card is broken. You can use another SD card, install the right r4 kernel, and insert it well into r4 card, then it will work.

Problem 4: The screen shows: "Error, please power off to reset the system".
AnalyzeUpdated 3DS system lock the R4 card. Go R4 official website, download update patch, and use a ds or dsi to upgrade the r4 card. then problem can be fixed. If there is no update patch, or unable to upgrade the r4 card, it is useless.

Problem 5The Screen keep on "Loading......", then go black.
Analyze: The R4 card can't read the kernel well. It may be caused by 3 reason: 1. R4 kernel in the SD card is old version which need to be update; 2. Some files of r4 kernel damaged; 3. Connection between R4 and SD card is no good. Download latest R4 kernel for update, mostly problem can be fixed.

Problem 6Can't find any games in SD card from console
Analyze: 1. The DS games you download is not compatible; 2. you didn't unzip the DS games; 3. you put the DS games in wrong place of SD card.  To solve it, please re-download the DS games, unzip the patch, and put the game files into the root directory of SD card. (all DS games must be ".nds" file, and don't build any folder for games)