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R4i Gold Comparsion

R4i Gold 3DS VS R4i-Gold 3DS VS R4i Gold Pro

There are many R4i Gold cards in the market now, such as r4i gold 3ds card from r4ids.cn, r4i-gold 3ds from r4i-gold.eu and r4i gold pro card from r4i-gold.com. These brands of Gold R4i cards have something similar, and something different. Each flashcards has it's owen merit and specifications. We compare them in many aspects. Hope it is useful for you before purechase of the flashcard.


R4i Gold cards in same

All R4i gold cards are slot-1 flashcard for Nintendo console. They all support Nintendo 3DS/3DSXL/3DSLL, DSi/DSiLL/DSiXL and DS lite well. ALL r4i gold cards have function of normal flashcard: same size as original DSi card, support MicroSDHC card up to 32GB, support games and multi-media play and so on.

R4i Golds in difference

However, as these r4i gold cards are made by different manufactorior,they are different in packages, softwere, functions and market price. The quality and compatibility of these flashcard are also different.

R4i Gold Card Packages comarsion

R4i Gold 3DS card from R4ids.cn use a hard plastic case for package. It is well to avoid wet and damage on shipping way, but not very good in performance. Both R4i-Gold 3DS card and R4i Gold Pro card package are made by hard paper, but they are different in size and shape.. However, the accessories inside the package are almost the same for all R4i Gold cards. Each package contains:
      1 * R4i gold card
      1 * USB MicroSD Adapter
      1 * Blue rope

R4i Gold Comparison in Price

It is hard to comapre the price, as different shops offer different price in different countries. Buy in most shops, the r4i gold 3ds card (r4ids.cn) is much more expensice than the other 2. Some people prefor to buy other flashcard in spite of the higher price of r4ids.cn gold card.

R4i Gold comparsion in Function and Capacity

All R4i Gold cards have same origin-- R4 ds card, they have very similar functions. All R4i Gold are designed for Nintendo 3DS/DS and DSi, having same size as original r4 card, similar operation menu and kernel upgrade method. Even the r4 use manual are same in their official website.. As Nintendo keep on update 3DS system all the time. The compatibility of each R4i Gold card are not same.. R4i Gold card from r4ids.cn seems to have better compatibility, as it always support latest 3DS system, only few days after 3DS system update.  What is more, players seems to perfer r4i gold 3DS card (r4ids.cn), they give better review pay more attention to this product.  I believe that is why the R4i gold v1.4.1 firmware from r4ids.cn is a little more expensive than the other two r4i gold cards.

R4i Gold Kernel Comparison

R4i Gold 3DS user Wood R4i kernel from r4ids.cn, the latest kernel version is Wood R4i V1.62. R4i-gold.eu release it's own software for it's r4i-gold card, the latest version is R4i-Gold V1.68b. R4i-Gold.com also release R4i-Gold Pro Kernel for it's product. The games supported by these three r4i gold flashcards may not be same. But all these R4 card perfectly support Nintendo 3DS/3DXL/3DSLL V6.2.0 (and all below version), DSi/DSiLL/DSiXL V1.4.5 (and all below version) and DS lite. 

R4i Gold more informations:

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