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R4i Gold Plus Use Guide

Just as other flashcard, the TF card should be insert correctly into the R4i Gold plus card. The front side of TF card should matched with the back side of R4i card. And make sure they connect well with each other. (Don’t push the TF card with large stength).

      r4i-sdhc-card-insert.jpg r4i-sdhc-connection.jpg

R4i Gold Plus Kernel Installation

Connect the TF card to computer through the USB reader, download the latest R4i Gold Plus kernel and unzip the file.
copy the "moonshl2", "SYSTEM" and "R4.dat" to the root directory of the TF card. (the “System” and “R4 Dat” are for game play, and the “moonsh12” is for media play).

Copy Games to TF card

Connect the TF card to the PC with the card reader. Download R4 games to the computer. Unzip the patch, and copy the file to the TF card. (You can create corresponding directory according to your need).

R4i Gold Plus card Main Menu Operation

Insert TF card to R4i Gold Plus card, and put r4i card into Nintendo console, turn on the power, first go to the main menu interface.

You can select ROMs or Media by the navigating keys or touch screen, press button “A” to enter the corresponding functions, press button “B” to go back to the previous menu.


R4i Gold Plus Game Menu Operation

- Choose “Game” to enter Game interface in the main menu interface; Press button “B” to go back to the main menu.

-You can choose display mode by pressing “L+SELECT” in the game interface (“Display all” and “Display games only”, default is “Display games only”).

-Please be aware that the “moonshl2”, “SYSTEM” directory and the “r4.DAT”file will be hidden under the “Display games only” mode. Any other directories or files with hidden attributes will also be hidden.

- In the game interface, 4-scale-lightness adjustment is available to the DS Lite console by pressing button “R”. (If it is i console, press the "Select" key and the “volume” key to adjust the screen brightness)

In the game interface, at the right top of the touch screen, it is the “Soft Reset” . Gray indicator means the "Soft Reset” function is off. Green indicator means the "Soft Reset” function is on. You can point on the touch screen or press button “R” to switch the "Soft Reset" On/Off.

While the "Soft Reset” function is on, press buttons "L+R+A+B+X+Y” in the game, you can go back and forth to the R4i main menu. Please do not do this while saving, as it will lead to malfunction. It is recommended to go back to the main menu before you use the "Soft Reset".

-If it is i console, you can press “POWER ”  key to reset to the console menu.

-If you cannot use the soft reset in the game or the soft reset may affect the game, please turn off the soft reset function.

-The top screen displays the file directory, “up”and “down” keys are for rolling, “left” and “right” keys for flipping. The current path and amount of the total files will be displayed on the top, the scroll bar will show the location of the current file.

-The files under the directory will be sorted by file names, the directory (DIR) will display at the front, displayed with the folder icon. You can click the “Back icon”  on the top left corner of the screen or press button “B” to go back to the previous directory.

-The top screen displays the host name, date, time, the R4i Gold Plus kernel version and other information.

Press button “Y” to display the detailed game information.

Press button “A” or touch screen to enter the corresponding directory or run the game, press button “B” to go back to the previous directory.

For more R4i Gold Plus operations, you can press button "START" and select "HELP" to view.

Games Running on R4i Gold Plus card

- Choose the game you like in the game menu. Press button “A” or touch screen to run it.

First run will automatically create the archive file.

Each time you run the game, it will automatically modify the time of the archive file. You can check the last modified time of the archive to know what time the archive file belongs to.

SAV backup copy, restoration

- The archived file master file name with game same, expansion named .SAV

1. May momentarily restores the backup to the computer or from the computer.

2. Press “L+SELECT” to choose “Display all” mode.

3. R4i Gold Plus card can keep four different archive files at the same time. Press the "Y" key in the game list, then press the "X" key to enter the archive configuration. The default is default, you can choose 1, 2, 3 and other different locations.

R4i Gold Plus card Replay Cheat

Choose the corresponding game first, if the official database (“cheat.dat” files under the “system/cheats” folder) contains the “Auction Replay Cheat” of the game. Users can press the “Y” key twice or touch the “Auction Replay Cheat” button  on the screen to enter the set up interface of Auction Replay Cheat. 

The function of the four buttons on the below screen is described separately as follows:

Action Replay Cheat” is the button controlling the cheat switch of the game. Green is open, gray is off.

“L Clear all”, when “Action Replay Cheat” is on, this button is used to clear all the cheat codes, you can also directly press button “L” to clear.

Button “(R) AR select” is for choosing different files of “Auction Replay Cheat” database.

“(B) Cancel”, press this button, it will not be save the current changes, and directly exit.

“(X) OK”, press this button to save the current changes and exit

When “Action Replay Cheat” is on, the “up” and “down” keys can be used to choose each cheat code one by one, press X to open / close the cheat codes.

If you do not need the cheat function, switch if off.

Before running the game when the cheat code is off, you can press buttons “L+R+START+SELECT+DOWN” in the game to switch off the “Action Replay Cheat”, also you can press “L+R+START+SELECT+UP” to switch on the “Action Replay Cheat”.