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It is easy to configure WiFi on R4i-sdhc card. This instruction is applicable to all kinds of NDS machine (DSi/DSiLL/DS/DS Lite). Make sure there is an available WIFI network before you start to configure the WIFI setting for the r4i-sdhc flashcard. You can use WiFI router to setup the WIFI network at home.

1. run the NDS games which support WIFI feature such as Mario Kart. Select the “Nintendo WFC” from the main menu to enter WIFI configuration.


2. After enter the “Nintendo WFC”, select the “Nintendo WFC setting” to continue the IFI configuration setting.


3. Screen below will be appear after enter the “Nintendo WFC setting”. Press the blue “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setting” button.


4. After enter the “Nintendo Wi-Fi connections”, three connection options will appear, that meant you can configure three different WiFi setting. For instance first for home, second for school and third for friend place.


5. Choose anyone of them which is not been configure yet, press “search for an Access point” to search for the available WiFi access point.


6. NDS machine is searching for available WiFi network access point. Make sure WiFi network is available during searching.


7. In the example 2 WiFi access point was found, “chinaNet-jRhj” requests a password or pin number. Another access point “TP-LINK” does not request the password or pin number. Both access points shown quite strong WiFi connection signal. Here we choose the “TP-Link” which does not request password. You can also use the “chinaNet-jRhj” if you know the password.


8. Save this connection setting, and this connection is ready to use.


9. Back to the Main WiFi configuration menu.


10. The “connection 1” will show “ready”. That means you already successfully configure the WiFi.


WiFi setting on 3DS/3DSLL/3DSXL

Similar operation can be done to finish WiFi setting on 3DS and 3DS XL. Just open 3DS main interfaceSystem SettingsInternet settingsConnection Settings. Then the system will search and find all network around you. Choose the network you want to use, and enter the network with password, then WiFi is configured well.